Message from the Spiritual Leadership and Board of Directors


Thank you to one and all who participated in our Metaphysical Christmas Candle Lighting Ceremony, whether in-person or online.  We received several beautiful messages of gratitude for the evening and as one person who attended said,

The Christmas Spirit articulated last night was a powerful surge of LOVE.  It is ringing in my heart even now. Thank you all and BLESS you – efforts were crowned with the success known only to the Spirit within.

And in addition to the positive and supportive messages, we also received a few messages expressing concern around continuing to have in person gatherings on which we have reflected and taken to heart.  These vastly contrasting messages mirror the divide that is happening in our society at large. The leadership at Unity of Calgary appreciates all perspectives from our community members. Know that we are listening and are striving to make decisions for the highest spiritual well-being of this community.  Anthony Burbidge, our Music Director, shared his thoughts very poetically and succinctly:

We are following government guidelines.

We are providing an on-line alternative for anyone who does not wish to attend in person.

We are a community based in love and not in fear.

We love all members of our community and respect their ability to choose what is best for them.

We know that all that is happening to us is happening for us.

We recognize that we are each experiencing life in a way that conspires to open the way for us to remember our true spiritual nature.

Indeed, we are thankful that our government recognizes the importance of practicing our faith traditions at this time of year for our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being, even if only a small percentage of us (15% to be exact) are allowed to attend in person. We know that the Christmas music and stories (December 20th) the Burning Bowl and Letter to God Ceremony (December 27th), will deepen your faith, strength and love; all the things we need for this season particularly in these challenging times.

The LOVE energy being created in each other’s presence, even with physical distancing, as we work to create a beautiful service each week puts a powerful vibration into the collective field and allows us to be in sacred service to our members and the world.