Leadership Team

Leadership at Unity of Calgary

Unity of Calgary does not have a traditional leadership structure with a minister. We are led by a Spiritual Leadership Team and supported by a strong Board of Directors.

Spiritual Leadership Team

Susan Cullen

Susan served for six years on the board including four as President and she was one of the founding members during the re-birth of Unity of Calgary in 2009. Since leaving the Board in 2017, she has served on the Spiritual Leadership Team and was appointed to the Unity Canada Board of Directors in September 2018.Outside of Unity, Susan is a Certified Life Coach with an ACC designation from the International Coach Federation. She coaches people who feel a calling to transform the world; to help them discover the clarity, capacity, and courage to be who they truly are, create their passions, and fulfill their heart’s desire. Her strong intuition, clarity, acceptance & holistic approach supports people to transform limiting beliefs, allowing them to awaken to new possibilities in their life. She has a particular passion for working with women & exploring the deep feminine principles. Clients appreciate her intelligence, positive approach & insight.


Bob Ellwood

  I am very happy to now be part of the Spiritual Leadership Team. Unity has been my spiritual home for about five years now.  I find it to be a warm, inclusive community full of warm hearted individuals seeking to better their lives and the lives of those around them. I  have been searching for truth and meaning in my own life for over 25 years. Having reaped the many benefits of this search I want to pay it forward by helping others reap those same benefits. The Unity worldwide vision has been adopted for our own Unity. “We envision a world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared, spiritual awakening.” This vision is very much in alignment with my own. I know we can achieve that vision if we work together as a community to help support each and everyone of us in the community. We are stronger together. I invite one and all to talk to me and share your unique perspectives on how we can help each other grow into the powerful co-creators we are.


Cecil Wontner

I was introduced to Unity teaching in the early 1940’s. When the church split, I left Unity with my family. However, the Unity teachings were always a part of my approach to life. These teaching kept me going as I encountered the major life problems. In December 2017 I found my way back to Unity. It was a revelation that has changed and challenged my understanding. Spiritual living is not something that happens in isolation. This experience must be shared, practiced, and lived. In living Unity teaching there is an element of self- discovery and an opportunity to serve. This is a reward beyond all measure.



Rev. Vicki Vanderhorst, Mentor Minister

Vicki Vanderhorst first came to Unity in Victoria, BC. She was inspired and encouraged by the Unity principles and made a commitment to be of service in Unity. She was an active member of Unity Victoria for about 20 years.  She served in a variety of roles including Spiritual Leader. She became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2001. In 2009 she moved to the Comox Valley and accepted the position as Spiritual Leader of Unity Comox Valley. She then entered the ministerial training program and was ordained in June 2015. Vicki is currently the chair of Unity Canada and still happily serves the Unity movement in a variety of ways.



Board of Directors

Claude Pellerin, President

Claude is the President of the Board of Directors of Unity of Calgary Spiritual Community. He also is an avid student of the work of David R. Hawkins M.D., PhD.He is a life-long educator, not on the school front, but on the work front and an expert in the art of self-teaching.His life experience is abundant and rich in personal growth, managing people, fathering, grandfathering and understanding of life.




Ross McWhirter - Vice President and Communications

While we were growing up in a small farming community north of Edmonton my three brothers and I attended a non-denominational Sunday school which my mother and three of her friends founded.  The last seventeen years Don and I have been searching  for a Spiritual Community.After our first Introduction to Unity four years ago in Victoria by one of our friends we searched out a Unity in Calgary when we returned to home.  Although I am relatively new to Unity, the teachings and philosophies of the Unity Community resonates with me.  It is also important that Unity is a very welcoming community, accepting everyone wherever they are on their Spiritual PathI joined the Unity Communication Team about 1 ½ ago and used my computer skills keeping the website updated, creating scripts and graphics, as well as streaming live Sunday services.  With all the support received from various members of Unity I look forward to serving the community for many years.


John Burgess, Treasurer

My arrival into the heart of Unity came to me via a recommendation from a friend in 2018. I have traveled much in the past decades mostly for business purposes, that has added to my bigger picture view of my own life, and the word at large. Now learning from, and with my friends here at Unity, I see a very bright future for us all.  One of the lovely Unity principals is that what we truly focus on intentionally, and honestly, will come to pass. I have seen this come true in my own experiences, and therefore it becomes my truth.  In truth, until I was welcomed into the Unity family, I was not certain that any spiritual community could be unique enough, and sufficiently open to meet all the core aspects of what I was looking for. I discovered a group here who despite their diverse backgrounds, and life views, found the courage, and conviction to come together to support each other, no matter where their life view perspectives had originated from. I also saw in Unity a group with an eye towards the larger community in which they resided. In any volunteer groups that I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with, I have been asked first and foremost to position myself as a ground level helper, and I will continue to view myself in the way, in whatever position I receive here to assist. I look forward to reaching out to many more of our members at large. I am working with our current outreach group of hardworking people, and others,  in the community at Willow Ridge where we reside, and also Calgary as a whole. As I have expressed to many, Unity has much to offer anyone, anytime, and especially today. Who better to step up to assist people in becoming aware of their true spiritual selves than Unity of Calgary? I know the answer, no one! We have so much to offer, and I invite you to come and share your experiences with us soon, and discover who we are.

Tina Thrussell, Outreach

Searching for the meaning of life and her place in the world drove Tina Thrussell into a steep learning curve. True to the adage, “we teach what we need to learn”, she spent 15 years developing personal growth seminars and workshops, facilitating at a variety of venues – conferences, teacher’s conventions, schools, non-profit organizations, etc. – as well as creating spiritual retreat experiences.She’s finally arrived at the place of loving who she is and feeling on purpose. Now she creates impactful experiences within the Lightworkers Way of the Shin Dao – (which means the Way of the Heart) so you can live a joyful, passionate, fulfilling life, too.



Stephen Belgrave, Secretary

Searching for the meaning of vibrancy, zest and living life to the fullest. I have attended Unity for 5 years now and have made a name for myself as a long standing volunteer including Bookstore Manager for over 2 years. I have been quick, bold and enthusiastic to take initiative and help in any way I can. Professionally, I have always been an enthusiastic learner, living life to the fullest by being open to learning and growth.I have been professionally trained in Reflexology, massage therapy and as a Reiki Master. Having an engaging personality, my career has been in retail working for some of the biggest names in retail including Simpsons, The Hudson’s Bay Company, SAIT and now Amazon.I was born in England which fostered a life long passion for hiking, walking and exploring. I live my life by the saying “Life Love Laughter and Meowness”




Spiritual Service Teams


      Ariana Brackenbury, Communications

I am honored to share my spiritual gifts of Wisdom, Faith and Leadership combined with my strong organizational backgroup to be of service as a board member of Unity of Calgary. 

During the past 10 years there has been a lot of transition in my life and the support from the Unity community has been powerful during that journey.  

I am a facilitator, inspirational speaker and heart centered leader who is deeply dedicated to inspiring others to listen to the whispers of their heart. My mission is to help others who have found themselves on their knees in the arena of life, get back on their feet stronger and wiser, taking the learnings and moving into a more empowered life. I offer mentoring, RESET You and other programs as well spiritual pilgrimage journeys to those who want to live a more fulfilling life.

In no particular order, I am an adventurer, inveterate reader and researcher, Camino Warrior, mischief maker, social media guru, healer, dancer, skier, computer geek, librarian, gardener and lover of the outdoors. I love quiet time and also being family and friends.


 Denelle Peacey - Social Media, Newsletter

Denelle is a recovering Catholic and found Unity of Calgary after many years of church shopping. Denelle has made Unity of Calgary her Spiritual home after finding the uplifting music, inspiring talks and welcoming hearts rejuvenate her each week. In sacred service to Unity, Denelle is learning all about managing social media and she is responsible for the weekly newsletter and daily memes and posts on Instagram and Facebook. Denelle lives in Calgary with her ornery cat, Tilley, her reclusive son, Francis, and her vivacious daughter, Stella. You may have seen Stella at Unity grooving to the Unity Band! If you see us please wander over and say hi!