Sunday Lesson

Ariana Brackenbury - Uncovering the Truth of Who You Are - July 14, 2019
Do you find yourself tiptoeing around others so that you can be accepted? What stops you from revealing your true essence?   Are you funny in one...
Susan Cullen "Magnificent, Multidimensional You" July 7 2019
Sanjeev Kumar - The Power of Nothingness June 30 2019
Neil Thrussell "Too Stubborn to Let Go" June 23, 2019
Neil has spent years perfecting the art of doing it his way only to be reminded that there are easier ways in doing things, besides his wife (Tina's...
Doug Warren - Parenting: the Ultimate Privilege June 16 2016
Come and celebrate Fathers Day. Share the joy and honour of parenthood. Let’s explore the many faces of the child and parent dynamic. Whether you are...
Rev. Doug Craig - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder - May 19 2019
Jody Swift - "Motherhood" May 12 2019
Claude Pellerin - 'Beauty is Everywhere" May 5 2019