Sunday Morning and Moving Update

Beloved friends

We are officially finished at the old location and out last broadcast on Apr. 26 was very emotional.  The crew who were there to support the broadcast felt your supported energy even though you couldn't be there in person.

Tina's ceremony for clearing the emotions was powerful and much needed.   If you missed it you can continue to access it through our Facebook page and the video is now on the website.

Special Completion Ceremony

Although we don't have access to our new location yet,  we are very excited to announce that we will continue to broadcast the Sunday morning "Gathering".

Thanks to Neil and Tina Thrussell for coming up with a way to broadcast without  needing a physical location.

Through a technology called Streamyard we are able to have the service co-ordinator,  speaker and the Unity Band all coming together in one broadcast from multiple locations.  This is the next best thing to being there in person.  

This is very good news as we have a simple way to access the live video broadcast on Facebook or Youtube. 

The links for you to join the live broadcast will be in the newslettter, and also on the webpage for the event and also Facebook 

Weekly coffee chats on Zoom after service will give you an opportunity to connect with your spiritual community online.   The link is in the newsletter.

Community Connections with the prayer team will be happening every Wednesday evening on Zoom.   See the events calendar for more info and the newsletter for the link to Zoom. 

Anyone wanting assistance with Zoom can contact Ariana at 403-608-4274  or by email

Thank you for continuing to support your spiritual community.  

Please remember that our expenses are ongoing and your financial support is appreciated to help us maintain contact as we go through this challenging time.

We welcome everyone to join in this affirmation and see the world and us all back in our normal activities in the very near future.  

 I embrace the doorways that are opening to transform my life. I connect to the one source to guide me through this challenging time, knowing that all is in divine order.